Golden Pagoda Eco Resort
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The Golden Pagoda Eco Resort is spread atop a hillock, Noi-Cheynam just off NH 52 at Tengapani in Namsai district, Arunachal Pradesh, India. It is adjacent to the Golden Pagoda (Kongmu Kham) over an area amidst pristine forests while the Tengapani river flows nearby. The ambience is of serenity,spiritual and lots more only experience can let you know. The buildings of the resort are in almost a semi circular order which lets our guests wake up every morning to the awe inspiring sight of the Golden Pagoda. The resort has a central garden dotted with fruit and exotic plants.
Golden Pagoda Eco Resort
A brief description of our eco resort
There are two entrances from the resort to the Golden Pagoda campus. The first one near the Dining and Kitchen building takes you straight to the main dome of the pagoda while the other about a hundred feet away takes you to the monastic centres,the HOMAAN-TAAP (Cultural Hall), the museum and the nunnery. On the western corner of the resort is an old age home. You can take a stroll for a few hundred fleets and check the orchid centre which houses exotic species sourced from Thailand. Further to the east and opposite to the Golden Pagoda is the Noi-Cheynam Meditation Centre which holds regular vipassana meditation camps. Since its commencement in end 2013, the resort has been hosting guests including chief ministers and foreign delegations. Seminars, workshops and spiritual camps have become regular activities at the resort. From nature lovers to adventure enthusiasts, tourists both domestic and international have experienced the sublimeness and spiritual ambience of the resort. He resort has been striving on its way forward as a 'role model' in the surging tourism and hospitality industry of the state particularly in the far eastern sector. It is endearing to cater to the needs of its guests and visitors on modern lines blended with traditional hospitality and etiquettes.
About Golden Pagoda
The most prominent pagoda in Arunachal Pradesh
The Golden Pagoda (Kongmu Kham) is undoubtedly the most prominent amongst the pagoda in the state as well as in the north east of India because of its splendour and essence. It was consecrated in 2010 and ever since it has attracted Buddhist devotees from around the world as well as other visitors who come to experience the feel if the place. The pagoda houses the holy relics of Lord Buddha and 'INGTASAAN',the 13 feet high Bamboo Buddha which is one of its kind in India. The pagoda is surrounded by manicured lawns and a symmetry of various ornamental plants and flowers.

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Features of Our Resort

As our resort is an eco resort we have taken utmost care to maintain the surrounding natural environment and serenity in the premises of the resort also. At Golden Pagoda Eco Resort, we can assure you that you will have best services available at an affordable rate. We are dedicated towards our service and we honestly believe that our resort is one of the best lodging facility here in Arunachal Pradesh.

Along with all modern amenities required for comfortable staying, Golden Pagoda Eco Resort tries to give the glimpses of the local culture also. So we have various facilities like Ethnic food, Traditional Healtcare etc. which will truly amuse you.

  • VIP SUITES - A spacious cottage with a large bedroom,lounge,balcony, separate modern toilet and bathroom with geyser. The bedroom has amenities like LED TV and a Tea maker.
  • COTTAGES - Spacious bedrooms for single and double occupancy with LED TV and a Tea maker. It is attached with a modern bathroom.
  • Complimentary breakfast
  • Housekeeping and room service
  • Power back up with a dedicated power house
  • Travel desk
  • Banquet and Conference Hall

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We provide the beset services for our guests
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